How to Care for your Faucet Finishes

After remodeling your bathroom or kitchen and replacing the faucets, you will be amazed how attractive, glossy and free of blemish they look. However, this look may not last long without proper cleaning and maintenance since bathrooms and kitchens are used quite often and faucets will be touched a lot by mbrass faucetany hands. According to Maid Complete, the faucet finishes will need regular cleaning and maintenance schedules for the finishes to last long. The following are some of the methods for maintaining your faucet finishes.
• Select long-lasting finishes
The initial and most important step for lasting faucet finishes is to select the most long lasting alternative available. Before buying new fixtures, you should consider selecting brass faucets along with any finish you desire. Since brass and bronze finishes are long lasting the faucets will be capable of holding up to lots of wear and tear.
• Careful Installation
The installation maintenance or repair of new faucets should be done with great care. There are certain tools that can scratch, dent or damage faucet finishes such as wrenches and pliers. Another thing to keep away from your faucet finish is the plumber’s putty, it adheres to the finish with ease and can take it off from the fixture.
• Do not use harsh cleaners and tools

Maintaining your faucet finish through regular cleaning is vital, however, avoid using harsh cleaning products and tools such as stainless steel and scouring pads that can cause irreversible damage. The best cleaning alternative is to mix some non-abrasive soap with warm water together with a soft washcloth. For instance in the bathroom, often times harsh chemical from hair products or toothpaste land on the faucet finishes. Such products must be wiped off right away because they can either stain or outwear the finish eventually.
• Dry the Faucets
Immediately after using the faucets it is important to dry them off. Wipe the handles, draFaucet cleaningins and spout because some finishes such as stainless steel, chrome and brass easily display water spots. If your water has high concentration of dissolved minerals then the water must not be left to sit on the fixture for long as it will cause formation of deposits that lead to tarnishing. This may force you to replace the fixtures.
• Waxing Faucets
To maintain the finish of your faucets for long consider applying carnauba wax. It assists in the prevention of mineral deposits and stain accumulation. Apply wax periodically on your chrome or oil rubbed bronze kitchen faucets to keep them well maintained and free of buildup. Avoid waxing antique brass bathroom faucets.

• Prevent Buildup
Deal with any sort of buildup on your faucets immediately whether it is mineral deposits or anything else to avoid irreversible damage. For effective results use a solution of white vinegar and warm water and a soak a wash cloth in the mixture. Place the soaked washcloth over the buildup for the vinegar to eat away the buildup for easy wiping.
• Remember to clean the drain
Keep the drain clean and avoid harsh cleaners that can lift off the finish from the drain. When using harsh drain cleaners pour them directly to the plumbing after removing the drain pop up.


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